Merchant FAQ

Merchant App Privacy Policy:

Marketa Merchant App includes order confirmation and tracking of previous orders. When you use the app, you’ll share some information with us.

Information We Collect:

Order Details. This includes the order number, quantity and amount per transaction. This also includes the customer details such as location and contact details.

Camera and Photos. Scans the QR code to be provided by the customer for easy transaction.

  • 1. How is Marketa different from other Online Marketplaces?

    The best way to answer this question is to try out Marketa.

    But seriously, as a marketplace platform for merchants, we give you the following:

    • ● Website Presence - All Marketa merchants will automatically have their own website under the Marketa (we call this feature: Marketa Address.) Your marketa address will always begin with your Shop Name in front, to show your brand always come first.

    • ● Hyperlocal - Use Marketa Platform to sell online within your neighborhood, within the city, within your province or nationwide. Marketa helps you facilitate orders, collect payment and provides you with a fulfillment platform.

    • ● Inventory and Product Management - We empower you to manage your physical inventory when selling online. We make sure that we have the correct technology algorithm to make your pictures optimize for website and mobile viewing.

    • ● Payment Processing - By selling through Marketa, we incentivize your customers to pay you in advance. We connect to different payment acceptance channels in order to give your customers the convenience of paying online.

    • ● Fraud Protection - We verify all your orders and protect you from fraudulent orders. Just do what you do best, and we do ours.

    • ● Delivery and Logistics - Marketa supports all types of order and fulfillment behavior. Whether your customers wants the good to be delivered to their home, or pick up the item in your store, Marketa will process this type of order. We also allow you to fulfill directly the order using your logistics plus we credit your Marketa wallet for most of the shipping fee (that was charge from the customer).

    • ● Marketa Wallet - a simple stored ledger that accounts every payment of the order you have processed. Marketa wallet assures you that you would be paid always on time and reconciled always up to the last centavo.

    • ● Marketing - we empower you to make you visible in our platform and our social media channels. Most Marketa features, we allow you to generate your presence in our home page. By giving you your own Marketa Address, we also help you simplify how you endorse your online shop through your own social media channels.

    • ● Return, Exchange and Refunds Management - to win back loyal customers, merchants need to perform these essential services. Let Marketa handle this for you.

    Best of all, we are FREE. It’s FREE to List and Free to Join. We only earn when you earn. Try us, you have nothing to lose.

  • 2. Now that I have signed up and have my products up, what’s next:

    There are several things you can do with Marketa, please see below:

    Order Processing

    • a. You will be emailed once there is an order.

    • b. Click on the email to access your merchant portal on Marketa.

    • c. Inside the Merchant Portal, kindly click on the current order, you can choose what Delivery option you would like to do. (i.e. Marketa Delivery, your own Delivery, Customer Meetup, Customer Pick up).

    • d. Products should be shipped out within 24 - 48 hours. For pre-orders or orders needed to be made in advance, this should be indicated in the Product description for knowledge for customer’s knowledge.

    • e. For Marketa Delivery, our logistics personnel/rider will pick up the item from your indicated pick-up point.

    • f. For Merchant Initiated Delivery, Customer Pick up or Meet up, we inform the Marketa buyer of this delivery option and provide them with the Marketa Code.

    • g. For now, we will work with your own packaging materials for delivery.

    • h.You must include your invoice with the products since we will give this to the customer.

    • i. We will deliver the products to the customer.

    • j. For Marketa Delivery, Marketa will credit the payment to your Marketa wallet after 7 days from the date of delivery.

    • k. For Merchant Delivery and Customer Pick up, we will credit the payment 7 days from the date you redeem the Marketa Code.

    Product Boosting

    Product boost is a feature wherein you rank based on real time boosts, meaning your product boost will rank lower once another product is boosted. It’s best to frequently boost your products for go back to your merchant portal to re-boost your product again.

    • a. Login into your Merchant Portal. Click on the product boost.

    • b. Select the Product SKU you want to boost.

    • c. Click on the Boost button.

    • d. Visit the Marketa Home page. Go to the Product Boost corner to see your product being highlighted on top.

    Promote your Marketa Store using Marketa Address

    • a. Your Marketa Address is very valuable. This allows your customer to access and view your product catalogue.

    • b. Your Marketa Address will also provide you with a certain proof that you are a legitimate online seller.

    • c. Promote your Marketa address in all your chat and social media channels.

    Earn Badge Points

    • a. Marketa provides you the capability to better your reputation vs other sellers. If you complete certain activities within Marketa, this will allow you to earn badge points.

    • b. Badge points improve your reputation badge inside Marketa’s ecosystem.

    • c. To earn badge points, below are some activities that you can do:

      • - Ask your customers to rate you – It’s always good to get feedback from your customer. Kindly encourage them to rate your service. If you increase your rank, the higher the chance you can increase your sales.

      • - Submit completed docs and undergo Marketa Merchant Training – This type of activities will give you points that will increase your badge.

  • 3.How can I get help in managing my store?

    We are working hard to make the platform as easy to use as possible. The best is visit us in our office and sign up for Marketa University to learn more. If this is not possible, a skype or viber call to one of our associate will be best.

    We are also developing our merchant handbook and quick videos that you may refer to. You may always reach us as well at

  • 4.How much to join?

    • ● It is free to join and free to list.

    • ● We will only charge a marketplace fee for every successful sale. Transaction fees will also be charged and these are paid directly to the payment gateways.

    • ● Below is a summary of the fees per category

      Parent CategorySub CategoryMarketplace FeeTransaction FeeTotal
      Frozen Food7%5%12%
      Quick Eats5%5%10%
      Organic & Vegan7%5%12%
      BeveragesJuices and Iced Tea5%5%10%
      Carbonated Drinks5%5%10%
      Alcoholic Beverages7%5%12%
      Healthy Drinks7%5%12%
      Beauty & WellnessSkin Care10%5%15%
      Personal Care12%5%17%
      Hair Care10%5%15%
      Nail Care10%5%15%
      Men's Grooming10%5%15%
      Home and KitchenLiving10%5%15%
      Bed and Bath10%5%15%
      Household Care10%5%15%
      Extended Warranty15%5%20%
      FashionMen's Fashion10%5%15%
      Women's Fashion10%5%15%
      Shoes and Bags10%5%15%
      Fashion Accessories10%5%15%
      Computers & Tablets1%5%6%
      Gaming & Wearables7%5%12%
      Electronic Accessories5%5%10%
      Art and DesignMusic6%5%11%
      Crafts & DIY8%5%13%
      Mom and KidsInfant/Toddler10%5%15%
      Sports & OutdoorsFitness10%5%15%
      Travel & Leisure7%5%12%

  • 5. Who will handle logistics?

    Marketa allows you to choose how you want the items to be delivered. Please see choices below:

    • ● Marketa Delivery - Marketa and its logistics partner takes care of logistics and shipping. We pick up the packed goods from your pickup point and deliver them to you.

    • ● Customer Pickups - This means you will instruct your customer to pick up an item in your Merchant Store.

    • ● Merchant Delivery - This means you will use your own logistics to deliver the goods to your customer.

  • 6. You must include your invoice with the products since we will give this to the customer.

    Sure, please see below:

    Type of DeliveryCoverageLocation RequirementShipping Charge TreatmentDelivery
    Marketa DeliveryNationwideMerchant pickup point should be in Metro Manila.Shipping Fee is credited to Marketa.Once Buyer has received the goods, order is tagged as delivered.
    Customer Pick UpDependent on Merchant DisclosureMerchant should setup up at least 1 Pick up Location in their Merchant Portal.No Shipping Charge.Merchant is required to obtain the Marketa Code from the Buyer to tag the order as delivered.
    Merchant DeliveryDependent on Merchant DisclosureNo requirement.80% of the Shipping Fee will be credited to the Merchant’s Marketa Wallet.Merchant is required to obtain the Marketa Code from the Buyer to tag the order as delivered.

  • 7. What is Marketa Code?

    • a. Marketa Code is a secure payment token issued by Marketa to the buyer, when you choose the following delivery options:

      • - Your own logistics (Merchant Delivery)
      • - Customer Pick Up
    • b. It is part of Marketa’s escrow service. Once you have delivered the goods, kindly make sure you obtain the code from the buyer.

    • c. To redeem the Marketa Code, kindly login into your Merchant Portal and go to Order Management.

    • d. Kindly key in the Marketa Code inside the redemption box, to process the correct order.

    • e. If the code is successfully redeemed, your order status will be updated to “Delivered”.

  • 8. How do I redeem the Marketa Code?

    • a. Please click this video link _____ to know how to redeem Marketa Code.

  • 9. Can I handle my own shipping?

    Yes, you can now use your own logistics or logistics partners.

  • 10. If we use Marketa Delivery, can you ship big items?

    • ● Yes, but we apply a standard weight limit of not exceeding 30 kgs.

    • ● For Marketa Delivery, as part of our onboarding process, you should be able to upload your product catalogue pic and complete the product attributes page. Kindly indicate the Length x Width x Height (in cm terms) and Weight (in KG) of your product.

    • ● For merchants who opt to use their own logistics, they may refrain from shipping big items and require customers to pick up the goods in their own pickup locations.

  • 11. How should I package my items for shipping?

    Make sure that items are packaged and ready to be delivered when the rider picks it up. Below is a guide on proper packaging.

    • ● Use eco-friendly plastic and paper materials in your packaging.

    • ● For liquids, make sure to tape the caps and lids to avoid spillage. Then put these in brown craft paper bags before plastic packaging to ensure that craft bag will absorb spillage, if any.

    • ● For items packaged in glass bottles, make sure to use AT LEAST two (2) layers of bubble wrap to avoid breakage in transit. Please also request from us a FRAGILE label for proper handling.

  • 12. For shipping, what is the basis of charges?

    Shipping is derived from the following indicators:

    • a. For merchants that have inputted the correct dimensions and weight, we have a shipping calculator that computes for rates. We also base it from location of the merchant and the buyer.

    • b. For merchants that have no dimensions and weight, we base the rate from the buyer and merchant location. We also provide a predetermined box size and weight limit.

  • 13. What are the payment methods I can accept from my customers?

    • ● Marketa Credits (via the Marketa Wallet)
    • ● Paypal
    • ● Cash Payment via 7-Eleven (over 2000 branches nationwide)
    • ● Bancnet ATM Cards
    • ● Gcash
    • ● Cash or Online Banking Payment via Dragonpay
    • ● Cash on Delivery (if merchant and buyer is based in Metro Manila, and is fulfilled by Marketa Delivery).
    • ● Credit card (Soon)

  • 14. What's the turn-around time for me to process my orders?

    As a merchant, we highly encourage you to process the order at the soonest possible time (otherwise the customer may cancel the order). To give a time indication, we encourage that orders are processed within 24 hours and picked up within 48 hours.

  • 15. Will I be giving you an inventory of products or will they be picked up from my location on a per-order basis?

    You will have full control of your inventory and orders will be picked up from your location (for Marketa Delivery) on a per order basis. If you choose to fulfill the goods, ensure that items are available based on the quantity on your Marketa Store.

  • 16.Who will upload my products to Marketa and manage my content?

    • ● Once you sign up and gain access to the merchant portal, you will have the capability to upload your products and manage the content.
    • ● Marketa also can assist you if you need to do product shoots for collections.

  • 17. How will I get paid?

    All orders that are tagged as delivered will be earmarked for settlement after 7 working days. Those orders that are credited in your Marketa Wallet will be tagged as “completed”. You can then request a withdrawal of funds from your Marketa Wallet to your enrolled bank account.

    We will remit to you the total purchase amount net of the marketplace fee, transaction fee and withholding tax. You are responsible for remitting your own taxes (VAT, withholding tax, etc).

  • 18. What is Marketa Wallet?

    The Marketa wallet is an online electronic wallet where your earnings are reflected (net of the marketplace fee, transaction fee and withholding tax). You can then request withdrawal of funds from your Marketa wallet to your enrolled bank account.

  • 19. Is there a fee for transferring funds from my Marketa wallet to my bank account?

    There is a Php100 settlement fee charged by the bank per transfer. However, you can let your order payments accumulate in your e-wallet and withdraw anytime you like.

  • 20. My business is a non-VAT sole proprietorship. How is this treated?

    If you are a non-VAT sole proprietorship, please provide proper documentation as proof so we can treat you accordingly.

    We will list your prices as the total selling price. We will not collect any VAT related to your sales with the exception of our Marketplace Fee and Transaction Fees as well as VAT and Withholding Tax related to our Marketplace Fee.

  • 21.For Marketa Delivery, will the receipts come from me or will you be issuing your own on the merchant’s behalf?

    When the Marketa Delivery Personnel picks up the item, you only need to issue the following:

    • ● 2 Copies of Marketa Airway Bill
    • ● Delivery Receipt addressed to “Marketa”
    • ● Sales Invoice reflecting the full selling price addressed to the “Customer”.

  • 22. Who will facilitate any disputes between buyers and sellers?

    Marketa will facilitate disputes. Depending on the nature of the dispute, we may coordinate the necessary resolution of dispute to the appropriate party for further resolution.

  • 23. I am not yet registered as a business. Can I join?

    Yes we support individual sellers. Kindly contact for more information.

  • 24. What categories or products does Marketa have?

    • ● We are starting with lifestyle product categories.
    • ● We also champion local and homegrown products and brands.
    • ● Will have curated items that are cool, unique and offer great value for money
    • ● We will expand to other categories in the coming months.

  • 25. How should I price my products?

    We want Marketa to be as inclusive as possible by giving our customers the best value for money, so please price your products affordably.

  • 26. How does Marketa perform its marketing?

    • ● We are actively marketing the site on various online and social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google.
    • ● We are working with various partners to run online and offline events to promote Marketa and our merchants.
    • ● We have corporate partners and tie-up that directs shopping purchase and queries into Marketa. We then fulfill these products on behalf of our corporate partners.

  • 27. When posting photos, what size should they be?

    We ask that you upload photos 1000 pixels or larger in size (height or width) with a minimum resolution of 72 pixels per inch.

  • 28. Who will take care of providing photos? Will you shoot my products?

    You are responsible for providing your product photos. We encourage you to have great photos to ensure that your products are attractive to your customers.

    We will take photos for merchants under collections that we put together. We can give you copies of these photos so that you may use them for your social media sites.

    *For merchants who want to avail of photoshoot services, Marketa has an in-house photographer who can shoot for you, for a fee.

  • 29. What is Marketa Ratings (Grado)?

    Marketa Grado is a ratings and review system that empowers buyers to provide feedback from their shopping experience with Marketa’s merchants. Marketa Grado ensures that its merchant community is driven to get satisfaction and delight to Marketa buyers to be able to create trust and habit.

  • 30. What are the Marketa Grado Mechanics?

    There will be 3 factors for Marketa Seller Grado: a. Product Quality, b. Delivery time c. Value for money.

    Please see below detailed description

    • ● Product Quality (Kaledad): if the product that the buyer have received was as described as what the merchant has provided in the Product description.
    • ● Delivery Time (Bilis): if the buyer received the order in a timely manner or was within the delivery expectation.
    • ● Value for Money (Sulit): the products that the merchant is selling is perceived by the buyer that has value for money.

    The buyer can also put a personal merchant review (maximum of 1000 characters) after they have rated the merchant.

    The customer will rate each factor with either Good (+1 Point), Neutral (0 Point), Bad (-1) Point.

    The maximum number of points a merchant can accumulate per customer order is 3 points. (This is where the customer rates the merchant good on all 3 factors). The points will be summed before it will be added merchant's badge.

    It is possible for the seller to have their points reduced (even have negative points) especially if the customer always gives the merchant bad ratings.

    Merchant points will accumulate and a corresponding badge level will be given to the merchant. Below are the badge ranking or level:

    • - Silver Coin (1 – 1,000 points)
    • - Gold Coin (1,001 – 10,000)
    • - Platinum Coin (10,001-50,000)
    • - Silver Star (50,001-100,000)
    • - Gold Star (100,001-300,000)
    • - Diamond (300,001 and above)

    It is possible for a customer to lower its merchant's badge (through point reduction), if the merchant always gets a BAD rating.